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The Panacea for Basketball

A few days ago I was eavesdropping on a conversation between a group of middle school boys and one of the young men was stating how he was going to reclass.  He went on to explain to the other boys listening that it would give him time to get stronger and be able to dominate… Read More »

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We have been blessed to be able to serve at-risk youth for almost 20 years through our innovative community-based Take Charge Juvenile Diversion Program.

This cutting edge diversionary program provides a substantive alternative for probation officers, social service agencies, court officials, defense attorneys and prosecutors and has made a discernible difference for the youth population that we are committed to serve.

It has been refreshing and heartwarming to watch the metamorphosis that we call “change” take place as participants progress through our program. Our systematic approach and familial atmosphere coupled with tough love, a disciplined environment and a caring and compassionate staff has allowed us to reach youth, once thought to be unreachable and incorrigible as we reduce the rates of recidivism in our youth population.

We have served thousands of youth–and in the process strengthened the family unit and made our communities a safer place to live and raise families. We are proud that Take Charge Program participants have become exemplary in behavior, attitude and appearance as they matriculate to a life of responsibility and accountability to their families and the public. We refuse to lower the bar for maintaining an effective attitude and image.

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