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Just For Her Program

Just For Her girls only initiative is a program developed by the Take Charge Program to address the growing crisis facing adolescent girls and young women in their formative years.

The Just For Her program delivers a broad array of provisions that focuses on positive growth and development. Our team of talented and licensed female facilitators will challenge the participants to discover their full potential; including their natural gifts and individual talents.

The eight (8) Just For Her modules will encourage positive decision-making, constructive discipline, physical and mental health awareness, positive peer interactions, enhanced self-esteem and confidence through interactive group discussions.

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Diversion Program

Take Charge’s 16-week signature behavior modification program is a structured program that meets for two hours each week.  Facilitated by one of our experienced staff, the program requires the participation of a parent or guardian.  Adjudicated youth are referred to this program having committed offenses other than vehicle theft or gang related activity.  Youth are usually referred to this program by a Judge or Department of Juvenile Services Intake Officer or Probation Officer with the goal of allowing at risk teens to obtain rehabilitative services without being formally detained in a state facility.  Additionally, students exhibiting poor school behavior are referred by school administrators, and after an initial assessment by Take Charge, are often placed in this 16-week program.

Counseling, homework assignments, community service, and life skill building are all parts of this program.  Youth and parents both have opportunities to discuss issues that challenge family relationships as well as learn to improve the teen’s progress in school, peer relationships, attitudes with authority figures, substance abuse, anti-social, and delinquent behaviors.

For more information about this program, call the office at (301) 420-7395.

Basketball and Life Skills Camp

Each summer, five-day Basketball and Life Skills Camps are conducted in the Washington DC Metropolitan Area.    The camp offers comprehensive values-centered programs that use basketball as a linchpin to address issues challenging today’s youth.

Camps promote anger management, conflict resolution, teamwork, and good sportsmanship and habits while helping youth stay occupied in productive activities.  Life skills are taught to increase youths’ abilities to resist negative peer pressure and help improve academic performance.  Educators and sports personalities serve as instructors for daily sessions that take place at selected local school gyms.

For more information about this program, call the office at (301) 420-7395.

Brotherhood and Sisterhood Leadership Development Program

The Brotherhood and Sisterhood Leadership Development ProgramTM  is a school-based program designed to intervene in truancy behaviors in addition to promoting positive behaviors and increasing academic performance among middle school students.  The program focuses on reducing disciplinary referrals, gang-related activity, school suspensions, and truancy.  The structured program creates positive cultural appreciation, social bonds with the community, and positive fraternal bonds among the participants

This program provides programs in a school setting giving students resources on substance abuse prevention, anti-bullying strategies, college access goals, gang prevention, and smoking cessation.  Most importantly, the program provides daily case managers for youth and opportunities to speak with mentors about a variety of issues impacting their lives.

For more information about this program, call the office at (301) 420-7395.

Vehicle Theft Prevention

The Take Charge Program has collaborated for many years with the State of Maryland’s Vehicle Theft Prevention Council, and is significantly reducing vehicle theft and vandalism in Prince George’s County.   Youth who have been adjudicated for vehicle theft and unauthorized use crimes are referred to the 16-week program with their parents to discuss their behavior, revisit values, and make changes that will keep them out of the juvenile justice system – and out of detention facilities.

The program has resulted in a 77% drop in vehicle theft incidents and a continued reduction in the number of vehicle thefts in the county each year.

For more information about this program, call the office at (301) 420-7395.

Children In Need of Supervision (CINS)

Distraught parents daily appear at the Prince George’s County Courthouse seeking assistance to cope with defiant, belligerent, runaway, or out-of-control children.  A service has been established that allows parents to receive assistance without forcing their children into the juvenile justice system.  For over 20 years, Take Charge has been serving CINS youth and their families with wrap around services, intake interviews and counseling, mediation, behavior modification programs, and parent enrichment services.

For more information about this program, call the office at (301) 420-7395.

Anti-Bullying Workshops

Bullying behaviors are not new to school-aged youth.  However, what is new is the use of social media and the voracity with which youth seem to attack their peers.  Take Charge includes this important topic in each of its outreach services and offers topic-specific workshops to elementary, middle and high schools in both didactic and interactive formats.

For more information about this program, call the office at (301) 420-7395.

Individual and Group Counseling for Youth and Parents

Parents and youth today are challenged by the range of issues they face.  In order to best address the needs of both groups, Take Charge now offers individual counseling sessions for teens and adults, as well as teen group sessions, parent enrichment sessions on particular topics, and parent counseling groups.  All sessions are facilitated by a qualified licensed professional.

For more information about this program, call the office at (301) 420-7395.

Juvenile Accountability Services

When funding is available, Take Charge will provide intense juvenile accountability services to out-of-school youth, youth re-entering the community from detention facilities, and youth who have been temporarily suspended from public schools.

Juvenile accountability services last for six months and include personal assessments, group counseling, workforce development services, college access assessments, as well as the development of a goal-oriented individual service plan.

For more information about this program, call the office at (301) 420-7395.

Parenting Enrichment

Since the founding of the Take Charge Program in 1990, parenting enrichment programs have been available to assist parents in strengthening their parenting skills and providing them with a safe environment to reality test their challenges and approaches with others.   Programs include opportunities to discuss discipline, communication, boundaries, and topical challenges such as special needs youth, sibling rivalry, blended families, absent father/mother challenges, substance use, and a wide range of other abuse issues.

For more information about this program, call the office at (301) 420-7395.

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