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June 14, 2007

I would like to commend Mr. Mustaf, his staff and volunteers for the outstanding impact that the Take Charge Program has had in our family.

Two of my grandsons have successfully completed the program which is administered by Mr. Mustaf. They were exposed to; academic enrichment, cultural awareness, job readiness, discipline, structure and the character building modules that are offered.

As a background, my grandsons are in a single parent home and although they have strong family values, they were in need of the positive influence that Take Charge offers to prevent juvenile delinquency and and serious criminal offenses.

The Take Charge Program has, strengthened our family, given my grandsons a positive future and an appreciation for their history and life skills to live by.

At the same time, I as a parent, learned new parenting skills and more of my culture and history.

The service that Take Charge provides is so vital to the citizens of Prince Georges County in helping to deter crime and at the same time shaping responsible citizens of our youth.

Thank you,
Joyce Harris & Family

October 2006

Dear Mr. Mustaf,

My experience in the Take Charge Program has strengthened me as an individual. I now have a more positive outlook on my future because the staff at Take Charge have instilled in me the importance of myself, my family, and my culture. They have also encouraged me to become a leader and strive to do my best in school.  I will always keep their inspiring words with me.

Shadora Martin

October 2006

Dear Take Charge Staff,

The Take Charge Program is a blessing! My name is Mrs. Margie Martin. Ever since my daughter, Shadora, entered the program there has been peace in my home, homework being completed, and most importantly, we’re talking about college. Shadora has been offered wonder job opportunities and she has been introduced to many great things with the help of the program. Take Charge has also helped my family understand one another. Take Charge has given my family a brand new daughter and a brand new outlook on life. I love Take Charge.

Mrs. Martin

October 2006

I recommend The Take Charge Program to other families who – like me – find themselves facing a confusing array of options for their struggling son or daughter.  I am so grateful for the change in my child.

The Take Charge Program is a community of people who genuinely care about struggling teens and their families, and it makes a huge difference. The program itself goes very deep and gets to the heart, soul, using the “It takes a village to raise a child” concept to create real change in the lives of teens. It’s not easy and it takes commitment on everyone’s part.

For my daughter at age 15 it was the chance of a lifetime to turn things around just as it was a chance for me in the parent program to change and grow myself. Over two years ago my daughter was angry, depressed, defiant, disrespectful, disobedient and going nowhere.

Now she is in high school with very good grades, and has a part-time job with The Take Charge Program.  She has become self-directed and confident, and she lives by good values. She cares about herself and others and life itself. It all started at The Take Charge Program.

I recommend it with all my heart.
Pam Nicholson-Flora

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