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Take Charge Juvenile Diversion Program, Inc.


Becoming Pops
Taking Charge of My Family's Legacy

Becoming Pops is the transformational story that proves, you can never underestimate the butterfly effect and impact a father can make in his child's life. The story captures the tumultuous journey of Richard James McDonald, an African-American boy that grew up in the '50s and '60s in Whiteville, North Carolina. He is the son of an absentee father whose history temporarily repeats itself when he becomes an absentee father. It took multiple tragic events, self-reflection, and maturity, which included a name change to Shaar Ramadan Mustaf, for this man to Take Charge of his life and become present as a father. His presence in his son's life resulted in a transformation that would change the course of history. While his son would become the 17th overall pick by the New York Knicks in the 1990 NBA Draft, the story is not about becoming a professional basketball player — the story is about Pops' legacy as a model father, husband, and social advocate for the underserved people of color in his community. By uniting his family, he laid out the blueprint for overcoming the division high school and college institutions can put families through with recruitment. Pops leaves a legacy behind that his family and community will never forget.
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